Payment Gateway
The Trine Commerce Systems gateway, network base and support technology was developed to provide flexibility to Developers, ISOs and Resellers, to provide their merchants with the broadest capability and options. As a result, we support the marketing strategies of Developers, ISOs and Resellers by concentrating on product development and enhancement.

We are constantly working to incorporate new payment networks and processing capabilities, to establish and maintain industry leadership in key areas. TCS allows Developers, ISOs, Resellers and their merchants to:

Reduce http ecommerce development expenses.
Eliminate the "weak link" associated with 3rd party software integration.
Reduce costs of external development by outsourcing to the company who has already completed most, if not all of the project.
Eliminate predetermined limitations on expansion of the ecommerce project.
Eliminate proprietary limitations on processing network/bank selection.
Reduce on-going costs/expenses with several pricing options to choose from, including licensing.
Provide on-going enhancement and expanded capabilities as the payment industry evolves.
Reduce internal development costs associated with constant addition and revision necessary to remain compliant with card associations’ and NACHA regulations.
System Features Include
Back Office Support
Web-based Terminal and Administration Interface
Card Swipe Transaction Support
PIN Debit
PIN-less Debit
Transaction Storage
Recurring and Monthly Billing
Secure Customer Payment Interface
HTML and XML Integration

For more information on pricing, contact us at or call toll free 877-443-2800.

ISOs and Resellers

Call 512-280-5293 for more information about how to access the TCS Payment Processing System for your merchants.


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