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Technical Gateway Integration Specification
Credit Card Processing API (Updated 04/21/2014)
--- html POST method specification
--- xml specification
Check Processing API (06/07/2011)
--- html POST method specification

--- xml specification
Swipe Configuration (06/2012)
--- xml specification
Storage, Tokenization, and Recurring API (11/26/2014)
--- xml specification

XML Tools
PHP Client

Customer Payment Form
Documentation for the functionality that allows a program to pass fields to a form on the gateway that accepts customer payment information for processing. All sensitive data is accepted and processed securely on the gateway, rather than on the merchant's web payment form.
Payment Form documentation (06/04/2009)

POS Terminal Manual (05/2013)
Parent Company/Brand Manual (04/29/2009)
New Merchant Setup Procedures (05/03/2011)

Plug-and-Play Components For HTML
Copy and paste these forms into your Web page and revise for functionality. Select the appropriate page, then "view source" to copy the code you need.
Credit Card Form
Electronic Check Form

Administrative Documents
TCS Acceptable Use Policy
TCS Privacy Policy
TCS Terms of Service Policy

Other Documents and Information
Finding Your Terminal Hash Code (required)
Swipe Terminal Configuration Download API

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