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Finding Your Hash Code

The hash code is a critical element of connecting your HTML based form to the TCS Gateway.

Your merchant account representative should supply you with the code for your primary terminal at setup. A new hash for each terminal is also automatically generated when you create a new terminal. This hash code uniquely identifies the specific terminal that it is related to. As a result, you can create multiple online forms that will individually track activity by terminal.

To find the hash code of any given terminal, follow thes steps:

1. Log in to your primary terminal
2. Under Options from the main menu bar, Select Terminals
3. Select Edit beside the Terminal you need the hash of

The terminal hash will be displayed on the following screen. You can copy and paste this code directly into your form as a hidden input field.

For an example of such a form see:
Plug and Play form for Credit Cards
Plug and Play form for Checks

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