This form is set up to point to the TCS Test Server, not the live production server. Once transactions work correctly in the test environment, the URL in the form will need to be changed to that in the API.

2. The form will process credit card transactions properly if the hidden "hash" field is set to a live and functioning terminal. This code should be available from the representative who set up your account.

Fields marked as "required" in the form are not necessarily required by the processing gateway. (See Gateway Link Requirements API documentation.) These suggested requirements are the result of experience in using the form in the live environment with untrained users. Rationale:
• Name On Card while not required for processing, is important in identifyingtransactions in the future.
• Card Number, Expiration Date and Amount are required for processing.
• Address1 and Zip code are required for AVS, which is not required forprocessing, but will reduce the network cost of the transaction.
• Email Address is required if the customer is to receive a confirmationof the transaction via email. If this field is omitted NO confirmation will besent to the customer/purchaser.
• Description is not required for processing, but may be important in orderfulfillment.
• Approval is actually the "name" field of the gateway, whichappears in your terminal transaction history list. It is also a good "doublecheck" that the person entering the purchase really approves the transactionin the event that they later dispute the charge. Not binding legally, but perhapsuseful.

4. Comment1 and Comment2 are user-configurable fields that are passed through the gateway and appear in Terminal History if present. They are limited to 30 characters in length.
5.  Be sure to install forms in a secure (SSL encrypted) environment. By itself, this form does NOT ensure a secure transaction.
Please use this form to submit payments online.
Fields marked * are required for proper processing of your payment. Note: this is a LIVE transaction form. When you submit your payment, it will be processed immediately. If you include your email address below, you will receive a confirmation of the transaction, otherwise no confirmation will be sent.
Name on Card *
Card Number * (no spaces or hyphens)
Expiration Date * (mm/yy)
Amount to Charge * (Do not use $ sign!)
Verification number *
This is the last three digits of the number on the back of your card.
Billing Information
Address 1 *
Address where you receive your statements.
Address 2
Zip *
Phone *
E-mail *
Your purchase confirmation will go to this address. If one is not provided, you will not receive confirmation of this payment.
Description *
of product or service purchased
Comment 1
Comment 2
Order Information (Corporate Cards)
Shipping Type
Shipping Cost
Tax Amount
Approval *
Enter your name as confirmation of your approval of this transaction.